Sunday 10:30am - All-Age Eucharist

2nd Sunday each month
 On the second Sunday of each month we have our all-age or parade service. This is intended to be a little shorter than a normal Sunday service and to include our young people as much as possible. We often welcome parades by our uniformed organisations at this service. It is still a celebration of Holy Communion. This is the most important act of Christian worship and it matters that we do it each Sunday. But, with fewer readings and a shorter sermon, it is intended to be easier on younger attention spans. The parish has official permission from our Bishop to offer the sacrament of Holy Communion to children who have been baptised even if they have not been confirmed. There needs to be some preparation for this, but we now have a number of young people receiving Communion when they come to church which is wonderful. If you would like your child to start receiving the sacrament, please do ask and we can talk you through what is involved. 

 We welcome children being involved in the service by doing readings, leading prayers and serving at the altar. Among our activities for young people, we have just started a children's choir which is open for new members. 

There are toys and books available for younger children and any noise they may make is not a problem. 

All are invited to stay for refreshments after the 10:30 service every Sunday.