Funeral bouquet

If you have lost a loved one, and need help and support, please do be in touch. With organising a funeral, the first people to contact are the Funeral Directors who will then contact us after they have met with you and discussed your needs.  We will work very hard to make the process of arranging a funeral as straightforward as possible, meeting with you personally to help you through the preparations and working with the firm that you have chosen.

Arranging a Funeral
Planning a funeral can be a difficult balance between carrying out any ‘wishes’ the deceased made known and providing a service which is meaningful for those who grieve.
  Helpful advice on organising or attending a Church of England funeral service can be found here

It may be possible for your loved one to be buried, or their ashes interred, within our graveyard. Please note that we are rapidly running out of room for full burials of coffins, but there is still plenty of space in our ashes memorial garden. You may then opt to have their names included in our Book of Remembrance (Form here)

Interment of Ashes
If you wish to inter ashes in a casket we have two options:

Memorial Garden

The casket containing your loved one's ashes may be buried in the Memorial Garden at the front of the Church.  This is in a quiet area, but does not have headstones or plaques.  However, the name of your loved one will be placed in the Book of Remembrance on display in church. 

Maurice Billington Garden of Remembrance

We have a second memorial garden on the north side of church, The Maurice Billington Garden of Remembrance.  Within this garden, you can inter the ashes and place a small headstone (in accordance with ecclesiastical law) in the plot where your loved one is buried. 

Pink Lilies

Further Help
If you have any queries with regard to the laying to rest of your loved one, please do not hesitate to contact the Vicar.