01/05/22 Kirkham St Michaels World Music Open Evening

On Friday 6th May there will be an open evening and taster session in church with our new collection of musical instruments from around the world. It is completely free of charge and everyone, absolutely everyone is welcome. We'll start around 3.30 pm and run until 7.30pm but there isn't a structured programme - you can drop in and out whenever you like. Its a chance to explore the different instruments and the sounds they make, learn a bit about where they come from and have a go at making some music. We'll put some refreshments on so parents can stay while children play. There will be the opportunity to sign up to play with the group regularly for those suitably inspired! All ages are welcome, children especially so and no previous musical experience is necessary. You don't have to pre-book - just turn up and bring anyone who you think might enjoy it.' 

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