Traditional Worship, Progressive Outlook

Traditional Worship

St Michael's Choir

At St Michael's we find great meaning and dignity in the ancient symbols, traditions, words and songs (hymns) of Christian worship.

Our services follow a traditional Anglican model, featuring ancient and modern hymns accompanied by choir and organ.

However, we like to think we don't take ourselves too seriously, and we try to vary some of the styles of service we offer. Details can be found in the Services section of the website.

Progressive Outlook

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Tradition brings us meaning at St Michael's, but it does not tie us to outdated values. We embrace scientific and social development. We understand that, in the search for life's deeper meaning, there is no one "truth".

So, at St Michael's:

  • You can come with lots of faith, or lots of doubt
  • You can come with lots of church experience or none
  • You can come with lots of questions
  • You can come for the music
  • You can come for the peace
  • You can come for the community
  • You can come for the biscuits!

Whatever your circumstances, whatever your background:

You are welcome - just as you are.

As Christians, we strive to imitate Jesus Christ, in the belief that he embodied the total, unconditional love that is God, and so reveals to us what it means for human beings to live most fully.