Feed Five Fylde Families

This is one of our Project 2022 targets.

Keep reading to find out more, or to indicate the food you plan to donate each week, click here.

What is the plan?

We want, as a Church, to donate enough food per week to feed five local families, through the Kirkham branch of Fylde Food Bank.

How does it work?

You can simply bring any of the items listed here to Church each week, and drop them off in the Food Bank basket.


For those with internet access, we can best coordinate our efforts if you:

1.      Access the link above to our signup sheet

2.      Add a tick to the items you would like to contribute

3.      Bring them with you each Sunday (or drop them in the container during Private Prayer)

This way, you can see which items or covered, and which are still needed.

The List of Items

ItemSuggested Amount Per Family
Long-Life Milk (whole or semi skimmed)4 cartons
Soup4 cans
Puddings4 packs/cans
Cooking Oil1 bottle
Tinned Meat3 cans
Tinned Vegetables4 cans
Tinned Fruit3 cans
Coffee1 jar
Sugar1 bag
Long-Life Fruit Juice1 bottle
Biscuits2 packs
Snacks2 multipacks
Anti-bac spray/wipes for kitchen1 pack
Shampoo1 bottle
Shower Gel1 x multipack
Deodorant2 x roll-on
Toilet Roll1 multipack
Toothpaste1 tube